VE Bots .. Autonomics

IT for IT

  • Increase Automation Reduce Incidents
  • IT Tasks automation. Cloud services monitoring, On-Prem services monitoring and issues resolution.

IT for Business

  • Identify high impact process areas
  • Automate / resolve business process gaps leverage AI / ML/ RPA tools
  • Integration with customer’s tools and software.

Business Process Automations


  • Business Process Evaluation, Prototyping
  • Enterprise Implementation Strategy and Approach
  • Automation Potential Discovery.
  • Technical Infrastructure

AI / Machine Learning

  • Process Creating and Implementation
  • Support , maintenance and enhancements.

AI.. Cognitive Tools

Chat Bot

  • Rollout Chatbot / voice bot capabilities across IT & business operations integrated with Automations

Voice BOT

  • Custom Framework Built for Google Home, Alexa integration to resolve business problems

Value drivers



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