CodelQ is an intelligent and versatile code review platform that instantly checks your code in line with Blue Prism & company specific custom best practices.

Driving scalable deployments that adhere to industry best practices

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Driving scalable deployments that adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Efficient & Effective Code Review:

CodeIQ Helps deliver better code with fewer defects and iterations. CodeIQ Auto-scans the code providing instantaneous rich analysis. It enables teams to identify the issues early and deliver better code with fewer defects. It streamlines your code review process with actionable reports, providing the ability to create customized rules and standards. CodeIQ can help you achieve compliance and meet regulatory requirements.

Easy & Customizable

CodeIQ has a user-freindly web interface to create customized rules and standards. CodeIQ’s Analyzer helps enforce measures to control what should be analyzed, and provides access to predefined best practice/analyzers. It’s flexibility enables company specific rules and standards.

Time & Cost Effective

  • Reduces the number of Iterations.
  • Ensures code quality during development.
  • Empowers developers to pre-check code.
  • Allows management to focus on important tasks.


  • Enhance code quality.
  • Expedites the implementation process.
  • Aheres to best practice while minimizing maintaince technical debts.

Deployment Models & Integration

  • SaaS and On Prem.
  • Integrates with Your CI/CD framework via CODE IQ’s API.

Knowledge Base of Best Practices

  • Gain access to constantly growing pre built rules and analyzers.

For Beginners & professionals:

Eliminates the need for team leads having to conduct multiples iterations of code review with developers. It’s ease of use is appropriate for beginners with robust functionality that tailors to the needs of the most seasoned professionals.

Self Services

Developers can instantly review their codes as frequently as necessary to ensure adherence to standards and best practices.

BinaryWay is an authorized and certified Reseller of the ROMi application

Tier 1

1-5 Users

USD 250

Monthly- per-user prices

Tier 2

6-20 Users

USD 200

Monthly- per-user prices

Tier 3

21-25 Users

USD 150

Monthly- per-user prices

Tier 4

26+ Users

USD 100

Monthly- per-user prices